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3 - twisted brick wall as backdrop to th

category - Interior residential apartment

project    - Vishal Residence

location  - Noida

completion : October - 2017

Project brief -  The 3bhk apartment was to be designed as a modern house with sleek and simple features. Neither too flashy nor too subtle. The building had a circular layout so all the rooms, kitchen, living and balconies were brightly lit.

The client did not have a definite image as to what type of setting they want but they were also exploring throughout the process of design.


Design process - The house was an exploration in understanding the term “Modern Indian Aesthetic”.  This time the focus was on linearity. Thin lines of metal and wood were composed to make almost all the features and furniture.


Design description - The entrance to the living room was demarcated by a floating sofa and a floating brick mural. The dining area had a table which could fold back up on the wall and just look like a piece for modern art. The kitchen was designed to have sleek lines of white quartz and wood with black lacquered glass. The bedrooms had vibrant walls with sleek side tables and light coloured cupboards. The master balcony was designed to have a 3 seater swing with heavily potted plants around.

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