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category - Art Installation

project    - Kaalchakra  (कालचक्र)

location  - ID , NSIC, New Delhi

date -  Feb 2024

artist - Vasanth Packirisamy, Ashwini Bhari 

dimensions - 90” x 90” x 21”

medium - Archival cartridge paper with non-tearable surface

Project brief - This installation was designed for the exhibition - "On paper - Of paper" curated by Ankon Mitra for Apparao Galleries as part of Event India Design ID 2024. The installation was themed around Dashavatara. As artists, our aim was to create a captivating kinetic installation that engages and mesmerizes viewers, while exploring the theme of Dashavatara through dynamic motion.


Design description - The term "Kaalchakra" is a profound synthesis of two Sanskrit words: 'Kaal,' embodying the essence of timelessness, and 'Chakra,' symbolizing the cosmic order and equilibrium.
The installation enfolds the cyclical nature of existence, drawing parallels between the recurring avatars of Vishnu and the perpetual motion symbolized by the chakra. It orchestrates a harmonious dance of the 10 cyclic forms representing the Dashavatara. The mesmerizing interplay between form and motion and the continuous, rhythmic folding and unfolding of paper symbolize the eternal cycle of creation, preservation, and dissolution. Each meticulously folded circle represents a unique avatar, seamlessly transitioning from one form to another, illustrating the divine continuum. At the heart of this installation lies a strategically placed mirror metaphorically positioning the observer at the center of the universe. It encapsulates the profound truth that 'You' are the very medium through which the universe manifests itself. “Aham Brahmasmi”
The kinetic mechanism is carefully employing pure circular geometry which represents the cyclic and infinite nature of time. The counterclockwise rotation of the circles provokes contemplation on inner core exploration and self-reflection. The quantification of modules in each ring is a multiple of 64, derived from the principles of Vedic physics postulating 64 dimensions in the universe. This installation serves as an artistic embodiment of a universal truth, seamlessly integrating mathematical precision with creative expression.

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