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category - Office Interior

project    - Fly Note

location  - Bengaluru

completion : September - 2019

Project brief -  Flynote beleives that building a company is like building a pirate ship navigating through rough seas in search of treasure. The design imagines the work place of this travel company to be no different from a futuristic flying machine, with the pirates working towards the future with anticipation. The space is a collaborative environment that inspires and adapts as per the users work-style and culture, a place where one focuses, meditates, relaxes and indulges in debates and huddles as part of ones edification.

Design process - The office space is conceptualized on the lines of the contemporary trend of open office environment. The client aspired to create a work environment where each individual gets his share of cozy corner as well as a freedom to sit any where in the office. Keeping this as the core idea there were multiple designed spaces for different type of activities. So everyone could literally follow the 'eat - sleep - work - repeat' regime and have a lot of fun within these activities.

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