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category - Interior residential apartment

project    - Shweta residence  

location  - Noida

completion : 31- Oct - 2017

Project brief - The project involves the renovation of an existing 1300 sq ft apartment located in Jalvayu vihar, Noida. The client is a single working woman with a deep interest in art. She has a vibrant personality and aspired for a home reflecting her style yet reminiscent of her childhood memories rooted in a traditional haveli in U.P.  Functionally, the house was to be re-planned for the needs of an independent woman and cater to occasional visits from parents.  Being an avid reader and gardener, she wanted spaces that would encourage such interests and nurture her collection of plants.


Design process - Renovating an old structure while working around a tight budget made major alterations to the house extremely impractical. We explored the options of re-building few walls and enlarging window openings to transform the space through minimal interventions. The entrance to the house is through a narrow passage, animated by the play of light and shadow acting on a wall canvas of composed bricks. These rustic textures form the backdrop of the living room. The common spaces are unified by the cool blue terrazzo flooring that flows through the living and dining areas into the sunlit balcony.


Design description - Being an art enthusiast, the client wanted to develop her collection of craft over time. The design allowed this by placing minimal furniture in rooms and providing niches and display corners spread around the house. Every room is equipped with a cosy bay window, providing quiet spaces to read and contemplate. The master bedroom invokes a nostalgic throwback by placing a four post bed in the backdrop of colourful environs. The toilets had to be designed with minimal interventions and changes. The transformation came by the use of vibrant hues of terrazzo and ceramic tiles creating a rejuvenating space.

The approach can be defined as the coming together of the 2 different styles of modernity and tradition and their amalgamation into something new and exciting.

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