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category - Architecture Institutional

project    - Jain Tarun School 

location  - Durg, Chhattisgarh

Status : under construction

Site Area:  19256 sqm. (207270 sqft.)

Total Built-up: 9786 sqm. / 105335 sqft.

Program: kindergarten, primary and high school

Project brief - The clients of Jain Tarun School came to us when the school already had an old primary wing which was being used as a coaching centre. They wanted to expand and develop it into a full-fledged school with kindergarten, primary and high school and future expansion for higher secondary.


Design process - The existing building was square in shape with classrooms around and a courtyard in the centre. We took up the challenge and planned the rest of the campus keeping this block as kindergarten and primary school. The outer skin was redesigned with bamboo, the courtyard was given a playful, dynamic touch with flooring and some of the walls being changed for better aesthetics and visual appeal. Basic structure was to remain same. The concept was clear from the very beginning. Since the site was located along a highway and the place is hot due to lack of tree we had to keep the orientation correct and make the blocks introvert. The building of course had a façade for commercial appeal but most of the places were inward looking.


Design description - The high school was designed as series of courtyards and built mass alternating for light and open areas. The ground floor was completely free of any built mass and was designed to have only soft and hard paved areas for student interaction or informal activities. Upper floors had all the class rooms. The library and laboratories were stacked in a separate block with connections to the primary and high school. The admin block and media centre was to act as the entrance block to the school and a multipurpose hall was attached to it for both formal and informal events. Adjacent to the hall a football field was placed on one corner of the site with a sports block. This was also to be used as outdoor assembly.

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