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FIRKI studio is an award winning practice based in Noida and is consistently pushing boundaries to provide innovative solutions in a range of services including graphics, furniture, interior, architecture and landscape design. The studio is an open platform for cultivating a design centric work culture and partner closely with our clients to create spaces that are culturally rooted, economically viable and attuned with nature. Fashioning or customizing a space that speaks about the end user is their main driving force. The studio has received several national and international awards for their projects.

“Optimum utilization of resources, within the box, to provide out of the box solution is innovation.”

A subtle breeze sets a “FIRKI” into motion - transforming its coloured blades, a poetic act that brings out a smile. Simple interventions with a large impact is what we look forward to deliver in a project.  We rely a lot on intuitive design and try to construct a collage of forms and spaces that is dynamic, aspiring and meaningful throughout. While the studio tends to draw inspiration from simplistic observations and day-to-day objects/events, every project is a result of complex collaborative processes not necessarily bound by a predetermined style.


Started as an Illustration studio called ‘Firki ‘in 2011, the firm Firki Studio was founded in 2014 by Vasanth and Sakshi to delve into the field of design and architecture and was later joined by Shiv as Design Head and Partner. A young team of thinkers, focusing to create designs and memories that are everlasting, are in a journey to understand and explore the term-"modern Indian aesthetic”.

“Designing is seen as a means to stay grounded and connected to the spirit of creating”

vasanth bnw.jpg

Vasanth Packirisamy 



Vasanth Packirisamy is an artist and the principal architect at Firki Studio. After completing his bachelors   from SPA, New Delhi, he worked with TEAM and Abaxial Architects where he handled different scales of work from products, furniture, interior, residential, institutional to large IT parks. For him the studio is an open platform to bring about a right balance of art, design and architecture. Over the last few years he has been constantly experimenting with modular design and hopes to see a paradigm shift where the end user has a larger control over their space.

sakshi bnw.jpg

Sakshi Kumar



A graduate of SPA, New Delhi, Sakshi is the co-founder of Firki Studio and is the principal landscape designer. Her design ideology respects local traditions and environmental factors to optimize the inherent potentials of the site. She has an inclination towards graphic representation in design and tries to maintain a hands-on approach in each of the projects. Heading the in-house landscape team, she plays a pivotal role in the studio bringing about a different perspective to design – an open space approach.

shiv bnw.jpg

Shiv Pratap 



Shiv Pratap completed his bachelor of architecture from SPA, Delhi and is the Partner and design head at Firki Studio. Shiv is an architect, artist and a designer. He has keen interest in exploring different materials and experimenting with new ideas to design efficient and aesthetically sound spaces. Apart from researching, designing and making different products and furniture shiv also indulges in architectural and landscape photography. He is always excited to bring something new and innovative on the table. 

Rachit Gupta



Rachit Gupta is a graduate architect from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi (2004-2011) with 11 years of experience in various projects in India & Gabon. His expertise lies in concept, design development, coordination for a vast range of projects including townships, institutional, commercial and residential.


He is a prolific project manager, and is well versed with preparing master schedule, execution methodologies, milestones, cash flow projections / budgets and periodic monitoring. Concerned with the deteriorating dwelling conditions in an urban environment, he has developed a keen interest in urban organic farming. He imparts this knowledge to several farmers in Northern India and helps them convert to natural/organic farming practices.

Archana Menthula



Archana Menthula is a graduate architect from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi (2005-2010) with 12 years of experience for a variety of projects including institutional, commercial and residential in various parts of the country. She has also done a three year fine art course from School of Fine Arts, affiliated to Orissa Lalit Kala Akademi.


Her interest in landscape design specifically has led her to gain experience with some of the prestigious design practices in the region. She collaborates with the team to emulate her experience in art, landscape to create inspiring spaces. 


Ashish Gupta

Partner, Business and Execution Head

Ashish Gupta is an Engineer by heart and handles business and execution at Firki Studio. After Completing his engineering from IIT Kanpur, his love and passion for Architecture took him to creating his own Design and Build Firm which eventually was merged with Firki Studio to bring in design expertise. Over the past few years, he has been working in creating well designed and engineered solutions in this space of Architecture and Interior Designing. He is at will in helping people with their problems and craft them the right solutions.


Nikhil Dwivedi 


Nikhil is an artist and a travel enthusiast. He has two years of experience in this professional field but has come a long way while learning the nuances of architecture and interior design.  He started his journey with FIRKI as an intern in 2017 and continued as an architect. Now he handles projects single handedly and has become adept at taking challenges head on. 

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