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category - Architecture Commercial

project    - Rising One

location  - Sector 65, Noida

date of completion - 2014

Design collaborators: Vasanth Packirisamy,  Kritika Dhanda

Project brief - In a street full of office buildings with similar floor plans, the façade plays an important role in streamlining ones choice while looking out for an office space. We were hired to design the elevation of an office block in a neighbourhood full of shimmering ACP cladded structures.


Design process - For an elevation to be noticed in such a streetscape, we decided to use Burnt Brick as the primary material. Different brick arrangements and textures were explored, that made the façade seem intricate and majestic. The elevation was clearly divided into two parts – one that enclosed the stairwell towards the left and the other with large windows towards the right to maximize daylight. The façade was developed as a composition of brick courses with corbelling, jaali work, MS frames and glass windows juxtaposed with a large gateway that marked the front entrance.

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